House Valuation

As property valuers in Melbourne, a house valuation would be our most common form of valuation.

With over 1.8 million dwellings in metropolitan Melbourne (as at 2016), there are always going to be lots of properties than need to be valued. The majority of these will be for finance or refinance purposes, but there is also a wide range of others reasons for a house valuation.

We undertake capital gains tax, estate settlement, stamp duty and pre sale or purchase valuations for example.

Melbourne has a wide range of houses, starting with the inner metropolitan period dwellings, then moving out slowly to the pre and post war dwellings in the middle suburbs. From there is stretches out to the 1960 and 1970’s brick  and brick veneer dwellings, and then finally out to the brick veneer homes that are now so common.

The outer metropolitan suburbs are dominated by brick veneer homes on smaller allotments, and are usually surrounded by other very similar type dwellings.

It is important with a house valuation the the property valuer understands the area, the current market for the type of dwelling they are valuing and has extensive experience in the field of valuation you require ie: stamp duty.

Melbourne Property Valuation does not conduct mortgage or finance valuations, and specialises in house valuations for almost all other matters instead where we can provide a higher level of service.




Number of Melbourne Dwellings 2016

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