Melbourne Property Valuation provides prompt, accurate and experienced capital gains tax valuation reports across Melbourne and surrounding areas.

We provide clients with high quality capital gains tax valuation reports for residential, commercial and industrial properties. All valuers have extensive capital gains tax valuation experience, and understand the Australian Tax Office requirements relating to capital gains tax reports.

A residential property may be subject to capital gains tax for a wide variety of reasons, and we are able to value the property as at the current date and also retrospectively if required (some clients are not aware of cgt requirements until well after a property may have been sold).

If you are about to move out of your primary residence, you will require a valuation of the property at the date you move out so that if forms a baseline value to calculate any future capital gains tax obligations you may have on the property if you decide to sell it. We understand what the ATO requires, and our valuation reports are fully compliant with the ATO requirements.

Melbourne Property Valuation recommends you seek advice from the ATO, your Accountant or Financial Advisor before requesting a valuation as it is a completed area, and the correct date of valuation is important, as well as understanding the ATO requirements.

Below is an excerpt from the ATO website which states;

According to legal precedent, experts who assess market value should have specific knowledge, experience and judgment in that particular field. To ensure the objectivity of the report, the valuer should be independent of the interests of the party commissioning the report.

Minimum requirements

A valuation should:

  • be replicable – in effect, this means the valuation should be documented and explained well enough that another person or valuer can understand how the value was determined
  • preferably be undertaken by a suitably qualified and experienced person in relation to the asset being valued.

A valuation report should:

  • be understandable
  • objectively demonstrate the valuation process undertaken in accordance with valuation industry practices.

If you do not adequately explain the process you undertook, we may not accept that the value reached by that process is the market value.

If you have any questions in regards to capital gains tax valuations you can call us to speak directly to a property valuer, or use our online enquiry page where we can respond with a quote and any further information you may need.