Melbourne Property Valuations specialise in the valuation of residential, commercial and industrial properties for family law valuations or property settlement purposes.

We conduct valuations directly for individual clients, on behalf of solicitors, or as recognised experts jointly appointed by both parties as required by a court. We are leaders in the specialised field of family law valuations.

We have been providing family law valuations for over 15 years, and conducted valuations all across Melbourne.

It is important that valuers undertaking valuations for a property settlement not only have the experience necessary to actually undertake the valuation, but also the knowledge of what is required by a court, and how the valuation report may be used. All our valuers have the experience needed, and provide accurate high quality reports in a format designed to be used as part of a mediation, or in court as evidence if needed.

We conduct valuations of properties at the current date, but are also able to conduct them on a retrospective basis at a particular time in the past, or if physical access to the property is not possible.

You may never have used a property valuer for a family law matter before, but we have to experience to help you in what can be a very stressful time.

It should also be noted that property valuers are the recognised experts for determining the value of real estate, and a real estate agents opinion cannot be used as evidence in court.

We regularly sign affidavits as part of the valuation process for property settlements, and also have extensive experience in court ordered mediation sessions or actual court appearances to support our valuation reports. We are also able to independently review valuation reports provided to you buy other valuers, and understand and abide by all of the requirements of the Court under the Family Law Rules 2004 and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia Rules.

Melbourne Property Valuations allows you to have direct access at all times to the valuer who will be conducting the valuation, and will be able to answer any questions you may have in regards to a property settlement valuation.