Melbourne Property Valuation provides prompt, accurate and experienced immigration property valuation reports across Melbourne and surrounding areas.

We provide clients with high quality immigration property valuation reports for residential, commercial and industrial properties. All valuers have extensive immigration property valuation experience, and understand the Immigration Departments requirements relating to property valuation reports.

If you are in the process of applying for citizenship, or undergoing the immigration process you may be required to have any property you currently own professionally valued for immigration property valuation purposes.

Melbourne Property Valuation provides expert evidence as to the value of your property at the current date, or anytime in the past that you may require as requested by the Immigration Department, Foreign Investment Review Board and Australian Taxation Office.

Our reports are accurate, detailed and professionally prepared to exceed all Australian Government requirements. We provide reports to private clients directly, as well as immigration agents.

Melbourne Property Valuation provides prompt, accurate and professional valuation reports of all types of properties for immigration property valuation purposes.

We work hard to give you a personalised service too. This means you’ll get the support you need throughout your service, and that it will always come from the same fully informed individual. So you can relax while you talk to someone who knows all about your case.

When you hire us you get:
  • A valuation from an industry specialist with over a decade’s experience under their belt
  • An expert who conducts immigration property valuations in Melbourne on a regular basis
  • An expert who’s a current member of the Australian Property Institute working for you
  • Professional support ideal for helping you understand the reasons for your valuation
  • Extensive experience in providing valuations for immigration purposes, and Immigration Department requirements in regards to
  • valuation reports for these purposes


Get a Quick, Easy, and Accurate Valuation

Simply pick up your phone and enter 1300 134 120.

That’s all it takes to get through to a professional property valuer who’ll be glad to chat to you about your requirements.

They’ll have all of the relevant information you’ll require, thanks to their fifteen years of experience in the industry and fully Certified Practicing Valuer status.

You can also contact us online by sending us your information via our booking form. We’ll then get back to you within the hour

Below is an excerpt from the ATO website which states;

According to legal precedent, experts who assess market value should have specific knowledge, experience and judgment in that particular field. To ensure the objectivity of the report, the valuer should be independent of the interests of the party commissioning the report.

Minimum requirements

A valuation should:

  • be replicable – in effect, this means the valuation should be documented and explained well enough that another person or valuer can understand how the value was determined
  • preferably be undertaken by a suitably qualified and experienced person in relation to the asset being valued.

A valuation report should:

  • be understandable
  • objectively demonstrate the valuation process undertaken in accordance with valuation industry practices.

If you do not adequately explain the process you undertook, we may not accept that the value reached by that process is the market value.

If you have any questions in regards to capital gains tax valuations you can call us to speak directly to a property valuer, or use our online enquiry page where we can respond with a quote and any further information you may need.