Are you think of purchasing a property?

Are you unsure of what is a fair price to pay for the property in the current market? Melbourne property valuation can help you with expert and completely independent property advice.

We undertake pre purchase valuations over a wide range of properties across Melbourne, and have the experience required to help you with your property buying decisions. Whether it is a one bedroom flat, standard house, development site, beach box or anything else, we have the ability to help you determine the correct price to pay for the property.

We undertake pre purchase valuations on properties listed for sale by real estate agents, between friends or family members, for superannuation funds, or really anyone that requires our services.

As with our pre sale valuations, we will fully inspect the property, take photos, extensive notes and measure all of the improvements to help to help us determine the value fo the property. You will receive a detailed written report.

with extensive details of the property and recent comparable sales evidence to help you understand not only the property, but how we have arrived at the valuation figure. Our valuation report are usually ready within two days of the property being inspected, and sent to you via email for your convenience.

In certain circumstances clients may not wish for their identity to be revealed to the agent or property owner, and we undertake valuations where your details are not released to the seller. We can also provide pre sale valuations where access to the property is not possible. Talk to us, and you may be surprised how we can help you, and what other similar valuations we have undertaken.

All our property valuers have extensive experience in providing pre purchase valuations and are fully certified practicing valuers registered with the API (Vic) which is the governing bodies for property valuers.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, or fill in our online enquiry form and we will contact you with a quote and any further information you may require.