Do you require a property to be valued at a date in the past? Melbourne Property Valuation has extensive experience in providing retrospective property valuations of all types of properties in Melbourne.

Usually properties are valued at the date they are inspected, but it is not uncommon to require the value of property at some specific time in the past. It could be for capital gains tax, estate/probate settlement, family law purposes, litigation or a wide range of other purposes.We are able to provide you with retrospective property valuations  that meet your needs, no matter what they are.

In some cases access to the property may be possible, but many times this is not the case and we are still able to undertake retrospective valuations using our own resources and investigations. As licensed property valuer we have access to extensive property information records, and are able to build up a picture of a property to unable us to provide you with a retrospective valuation report.

Our experienced valuers have conducted valuations that stretch back more than 30 years, or prior to a building being demolished, or a renovation being undertaken as just a small sample of the valuation we undertake.

If you require a retrospective valuation we will need you to confirm the actual date of valuation, the improvements on the property at the date, and the condition/layout/fitout of dwellings if access to the property is not possible.

For any further information in regards to a retrospective property valuation feel free to contact us and discuss directly with one of our valuers your needs, or otherwise use our online contact form and we will reply to you promptly. The more information you can provide as to your specific requirements, and the property itself, the easier it is to give you a quote or any further information you require.