Do you own a self managed superannuation fund? Are you aware that you are required to updated the value of the assets held in the fund on a regular basis?

Melbourne Property Valuation provides individual clients who manage their own superannuation funds as well as accountants superannuation valuation reports for all types of properties. We understand the requirements for valuations of this nature, and can provide you with a valuation report thats meets all requirements. Many clients have their property valued once, then contact us every two years to provide an updated valuation of their property assets held in a superannuation fund.

Superannuation can be a complex area and we obviously suggest you confirm with the ATO or your accountant as to the specific requirements of having your property valued.

Once you are ready to have a valuation undertaken, all you need to do is contact our office with the details of the property, and confirm specifics details such as who to address and send reports to and we will do the rest. No fuss, just a simple straight forward process, and one that we have be undertaking for over 10 years.

Whether is a residential investment property, commercial property held in your private superannuation fund, or anything else we can help you.

All our superannuation valuation reports are detailed, and comply with all relevant requirements.  You can either call us directly and speak to a valuer to discuss your requirements, or fill in our online form and we will reply with a prompt quote and any further information you may require.