Are you transferring ownership of a property, or changing title details and require a valuation of the property for the State Revenue Office to determine stamp duty? We can help.

Stamp duty is charged by the Victorian government on the transfer of any real estate. Where a properties ownership has not be transferred by sale in an open market such as through a real estate agents listing, you will be required to determine the fair market value of the property so that the correct amount of stamp duty can be charged. It should be noted that you are liable to pay stamp duty on either the market value or purchase price of the property, and whichever one is greater will be used for the assessment.

Whether the property is transferred as a gift, into a superannuation fund, or into another persons name a valuation of the property may be required. Melbourne Property Valuations undertake stamp duty valuations of all types of properties throughout Melbourne. We understand what is required, and can help you with all your stamp duty valuation needs.

We provide professional, prompt and accurate valuation reports of the property for stamp duty purposes. As with most other valuations types, we need to inspect the property, and will take notes, photos and measurements of all improvements. Once an inspection has been undertaken, you will receive a detailed written report that you can forward to the state revenue office as evidence of the properties value.

Most properties will be valued at the date of transfer, but we can also value the property at any date you request if required. If we are required to value the property at a date in the past you will need to confirm the state of the property at that date, and if it has changed from it’s condition that we saw at the inspection.

If you have any further questions in regards to stamp duty valuations, or would like to arrange a quote or valuation please call us, or fill out our online enquiry form and we will promptly reply.